This practice does not Bulk Bill. We could not afford to provide the quality and scope of services and staff we provide, if we received only the increasingly inadequate fees paid by the Commonwealth Department of Health under Bulk Billing arrangements. Reimbursements paid by both the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Private Health Funds have failed to keep pace with inflation for over twenty years, resulting in the need for steadily increasing "gap" payments. The AMA has published excellent graphs explaining this phenomenon.

Fees for consultations, investigations and surgery are related to fee schedules published by the AMA, the Commonwealth of Australia (Medical Benefits and Department of Veterans' Affairs Schedules of Fees), and various Private Health Funds.

Patients should discuss consultation and investigation fees with our very experienced and helpful receptionists when making appointments.

Patients booking for surgery will be advised of the estimated cost of their operation, as we have been doing in this practice for over twenty years. Occasionally the final cost of an operation will differ from the estimate, due to variations in the surgery found necessary during the operation, but every effort is made to keep such changes in cost to a minimum.